For NIS+ with libc 5.4.44 there is a separate libnsl Library (libnsl-0.4.10.tar.gz/libnsl-0.4.10.tar.bz2). This version based on the NYS implementation, but is not compatible with the NYS libc any longer. You need the nis-utils 1.x and, if you wish to use YP, yp-tools 2.x and ypbind 3.3 or ypbind-mt-1.x.

WARNING: libnsl has some very big memory leaks, and is not in sync with the glibc sources. Instead, try to update your system to a glibc based Linux Distribution.

  • Get libc-5.4.44.tar.gz and libnsl-0.4.10.tar.gz or libc-5.4.44-nsl-0.4.10.tar.gz
  • Create a new directory (maybe libc5)
  • untar libc-5.4.44.tar.gz and libnsl-0.4.10.tar.gz or libc-5.4.44-nsl-0.4.10.tar.gz
  • If you use the separate libnsl package, you need to apply the patch: patch -p1 < libnsl/libc-5.4.44-nsl.diff
  • Add the linux and asm link in libc5/include
  • goto libc5/libc, run configure and enable libnsl support
  • run "make"
  • cp libnsl/include to /usr/include
  • run "make install" in libc5/libc

Now all your binaries should use libnsl. You have to recompile static binaries with -lnsl added. This should only be a hack for binaries you couldn't recompile with glibc. The libc5 has a lot of limitations due the design flow of the NYS NSS switch and the missing thread support.


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