• Is there a Linux NIS+ mailing list ?
    There is a mailing list for NIS+ development, discussing and announcements. The mailing list is linux-nisplus@samba.org. Look at http://lists.samba.org/listinfo/linux-nisplus/ for more information and the archive.
  • The NIS+ server doesn't accept my credentials
    For secure RPC, the data is only valid a very short time (about 3 min.). make sure, that the Linux PC and the NIS+ Server has the same time. I use xntpd for that.
  • I have problems with mounting, ftp, telnet to and from the Linux PC
    Compare your /etc/protocols, /etc/rpc and /etc/services file with the NIS+ map and add the missing entries, or change /etc/nsswitch.conf to use the local copies for this services.
  • With autofs 3.1.1 and NIS+, I will crash the Solaris NFS Server
    This is not a Linux NIS+ problem but a Solaris bug. This behaviour is reported by a lot of people, using various libcs and distributions. I have heard that there exists a patch for Solaris, but I don't know more.
  • telnet or ftp from a Linux PC to another host gives permission denied
    Update your glibc version to the latest snapshot. glibc 2.0.96 or later contains the fixes.

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