The current version of the nis-utils is: 1.4.1

The NIS+ Utilities are a collection of NIS+ administration and testing tools. They contain: nisaddcred, nisaddent, niscat, nischgrp, nischmod, nischown, nischttl, nisdefaults, niserror, nisgrep, nisgrpadm, nisinit, nislog, nisls nismatch, nismkdir, nispath, nisping, nisrm, nisrmdir, nisshowcache, nisstat, nistbladm, nistest and nisupdkeys.

With this, Linux could act as full NIS+ client. The shadow support from nispasswd is missing, but the other parts works. There is is a first try to write a NIS+ Server from me, but the current sources are in pre-alpha stage and doesn't work. It looks like there will be never a NIS+ server for Linux.

Read the nis-utils NEWS and ChangeLog file for more information.

Download: Something from the TODO list:
  • Test it much more.
  • Write installation instructions for the various Linux Distributions
  • Write test programs for the nis_* functions, check it with the Solaris versions.
  • Test the nis-utils, and compare it with the Solaris versions.
  • Look at the NIS+ sources, to make it better and faster.
  • Write more test programs for libnisdb.
  • Rewrite basic libkey_common code.
  • Continue work on rpc.nisd.
  • Add YP compat mode for rpc.nisd.
  • Translate all messages.
  • Write missing man pages.
  • keyserv V3 protocol for server and tools.
  • Shadow feature for nispasswd and rpc.nispasswdd.
  • rpc.nispasswdd: Check, if DES key is from same user.
  • rpc.nispasswdd: Implement -g option.
  • Write support for putting NIS+ servers into classes like Solaris 2.6 and 7 has. (nisprefadm/nis_cachemgr)
  • nisaddent support for the most maps are missing.
  • nissetup and the other scripts needs more testing.
  • nispopulate is missing.

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